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创建于2004年,注册资本金达1亿300万元,占地面积63000平方米。 Anbang Electric Co., Ltd. was founded in 2004 with a registered capital of 130 million yuan and covers an area of 63,000 square meters.

Anbang Electric Co., Ltd. stands out from many manufacturers in the electric heat tracing industry through reliable quality, honest management and advanced management, and has now become a leader in the electric heat tracing industry.

The trademark of Anbang Electric Heat Tracing Manufacturers was recognized as a famous trademark in Anhui Province. Electric heat tracing products have been well received by the market, and have been awarded the titles of Anhui Province Trustworthy Quality Products and Anhui Quality Inspection-Free Products.

Anbang Electric Co., Ltd. is currently based in Beijing, the capital of China. It has established branches in East China, South China, Central China, North China, and Northwest China, and has offices in major cities around the world. Its sales and service network covers the world.

Over the years, Anbang Electric's electric heat tracing manufacturers have been focusing on the research and development and production of electric heating products. The main products are: electric heat tracing systems, electric floor heating systems, skin heat tracing systems, electric heater systems, and distribution boxes (cabinets). ) Systems, instruments, wires and cables, bridge valves, complete systems, etc.

Anbang Electric Co., Ltd. manufacturers are committed to providing pipeline, storage tank insulation, heat tracing, antifreeze electric heat tracing solutions, professionally provide customers with product consulting, design, manufacturing, installation and other comprehensive services.
The products have been widely used in petroleum, chemical industry, electric power, steel, railway, shipbuilding, food, construction, fire protection, breeding, cultivation and other fields.

Technology is the driving force for enterprises to improve and leap forward. Anbang Electric Co., Ltd. attaches great importance to the use of new technologies and the development of new products.

In the "industry-university-research" cooperation with Tsinghua University and University of Science and Technology of China, Anbang's unique temperature-controlled electrical heating cable manufacturing technology has been developed through academic research, product experiments, and other methods, with world-class advanced levels.
Anbang Electric Co., Ltd. has won the honorary title of a national high-tech enterprise and holds 34 patents of the State Intellectual Property Office, including 4 invention patents.

Anbang Electric successively passed ISO9001: 2008 international quality system certification, ISO14000 environmental system certification, 3C China compulsory product certification, EU CE certification, heat tracer ROSH certification, explosion-proof certification issued by the National Explosion-proof Electrical Quality Supervision and Inspection Center, and production license certificate.

In 2010, Anbang Electric Co., Ltd. was determined by the National Energy Administration as the main author of the "Standard for Solar Thermal Utilization Self-Limited Temperature Electric Tropic Industry". Extensive publicity coverage. "National Standard for Electric Heat Tracing" and "National Standard for Explosion-proof Electric and Heat Tracing Products" were also invited to participate in the compilation.

In 2013, it was identified as the editor-in-chief unit of the industry standard of "Solar Thermal Utilization Self-Limited Temperature Electric Trough Installation" by China Rural Energy Association.

The honest corporate image, high-quality service level, perfect sales system, and excellent product quality have won widespread praise for Anbang Electric Co., Ltd.

The factory has established friendly cooperative relations with many power plants of Qinshan Nuclear Power Plant, PetroChina, Sinopec, Anshan Iron and Steel, China Railway Construction, Qingdao Port, and five major power producers, and has been well received.

The products have been exported to more than 20 countries including Russia, South Korea, Pakistan and Iran.

Anbang Electric manufacturers have always insisted on providing customers with high-quality products and services, and have been rated as "Consumer Trustworthy Products" for many years.

Anbang Electric Co., Ltd. strives to become the world's number one brand in the heat tracing industry within five years, creating more value for society.

Anbang Electric Co., Ltd. welcomes your visit, the telephone number is: 4006-888-749.

Get the path to Anbang, and only prosper the country.

Anbang Electric Co., Ltd .-- Get to Anbang, only to rejuvenate the country.

This is not only the Chinese dream, but also the corporate dream of Anbang Electric.

The moral of Anbang Electric's name "Anbang" is from this. It can be seen that the predecessors who founded Anbang hoped for the company.

The headquarters of Anbang Co., Ltd. is located in Beijing, the economic, cultural and political center of China, at the intersection of West Changan Street and Financial Street.

The product manufacturing base is located in the hinterland of the Yangtze River Delta, China's most dynamic economy, the "Pearl of Eastern Anhui"-Tianchang City, Anhui Province. This is a strategic place for China's economic development, with superior geography, convenient transportation and pleasant environment. Has a very good economic development environment, excellent investment and entrepreneurship conditions.

Anbang Electric Co., Ltd.

Filial piety is the foundation of virtue, and filial piety is the first.

Twenty-four filial piety Zhu Shouchang was born in Tianchang, Anhui.

Anbang shares factory learns “filial piety culture” and integrates “filial piety culture” into spiritual life and practical work. Each employee's parents enjoy “filial piety wages” every month, which greatly enhances the cohesion of the enterprise and enables all parents to support it. Children are home to Anbang Electric.

I persisted in morning reading for five years, learned the traditional Chinese culture, improved the self-cultivation of employees, and allowed the company to learn from history, face the future, and forge ahead.
The catering culture of common chopsticks and spoons not only promotes the employees' awareness of hygiene and health, but also conforms to the traditional virtue of the Chinese nation-a culture of diligence and thrift.

While building the Anbang Electric brand, we insist on using the corporate culture to enhance the core competitiveness of manufacturers.

Anbang Electric Co., Ltd. welcomes your visit, contact phone: 4006-888-749.

Anbang Electric Co., Ltd.


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