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Electric heat tracing system

Electric heat tracing has been widely used as an effective pipeline insulation and antifreeze solution. Its working principle is that it radiates a certain amount of heat through the heat tracing medium, and supplements the loss of the heat tracing pipe through direct or indirect heat exchange, so as to meet the normal working requirements of heating, insulation or antifreeze. Most of the heat tracing of process pipelines and tank containers in China adopts traditional steam or hot water heating. Electric heat tracing is to use the energy of electric heat to supplement the heat lost by the heat tracing body in the process, so as to maintain the most reasonable process temperature of the flowing medium. It is a high-tech product. Electric heat tracing has high thermal efficiency, saves energy, has no pollution, and has a long service life. It is the technology development direction to replace steam and hot water tracing, and it is a key energy-saving project promoted by the country.

Introduction to electric heat tracing Principle of electric heat tracing Product characteristics Classification design process Pipeline electric heat tracing installation specifications Daily maintenance considerations Advantages Difference between electric heat tracing and electric heating Related product construction cases

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