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Electric floor heating system

Electric floor heating is to embed the heating cable with a maximum operating temperature of 65 ℃ in the floor, use the heating cable as a heat source to heat the floor, and use a thermostat to control the room temperature or the floor temperature to achieve radiant heating on the ground. Flexible, no maintenance required. Geothermal radiant heating is a heating method in which heating cables with a temperature not higher than 60 degrees Celsius, coils or heating cables buried under concrete heat the entire floor, and evenly radiate heat to the room through the floor. Electric floor heating uses heating cables as heating elements, which are used to lay under various floor materials such as floor, tile, marble, etc., and equipped with an intelligent thermostat system to make it comfortable, environmentally friendly, energy efficient, maintenance-free, and independent of each room Use, long life, concealed floor heating system.

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