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Wuhan Anshan Heneng Natural Gas Pipeline Electricity Heating Project

Project Name: Electric Heating Tracing for Wuhan Anshan Heneng Natural Gas Pipeline

。 Models of electric heat tracing products: self-limiting electric heating cables 2400 meters and constant power electric heating cables , strictly follow the pipeline electric heating installation specifications .


Project introduction: This project is mainly aimed at heat tracing and insulation work of natural gas pipelines, natural gas storage tanks, and natural gas pipeline valves. Natural gas pipelines are prone to condensation and crystallization when the external ambient temperature is too low. Electric heat tracing is used to compensate heat loss from the outside to ensure the normal transmission of natural gas is an effective heat tracing and insulation method. More secure and stable than steam tracing systems.

The natural gas pipeline heat tracing installation project lasted for a week, and was installed by Anbang Electric Co., Ltd. in cooperation with Wuhan Anshan. The Anbang electric heat tracing manufacturer was responsible for the entire body to guide the installation, winding of the pipeline, installation and placement of the distribution box, and wiring The installation of the box provides detailed instructions and is always responsible for after-sales technical services. After installation and debugging, all electric heat tracing equipment is working normally, the electric heat tracing system is normal, and the temperature of the pipe wall is normal. Waterproof measures for special parts have been completed, and the self-limiting temperature controller is set normally.

In the future, Anbang Electric will further cooperate with Wuhan Hengeng Natural Gas to provide your company with better after-sale technical services for electric heating of natural gas pipelines.

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