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Jiaoting Tunnel Electricity Tracing Project Cooperated with China Railway Tunnel

Jiaoping is located in Shaanxi Province. The average annual temperature in Shaanxi is 13 degrees Celsius, and the annual minimum temperature can reach 15 degrees Celsius or even lower. Under normal circumstances, the geography of the tunnel project is generally relatively low. In addition to the ventilation characteristics of the tunnel itself, the customs at the tunnel mouth are more common. The entire tunnel is in a humid environment all year round. These environments affect the focus floor. The construction of the tunnel brings some difficulties.


-Anbang was named as the designated brand for tunnel fire tracing in China-

电伴热项目依然继续选择安邦电气股份进行合作,使用电伴热系统保证隧道消防的正常运行,解决诸多安全隐患的关键问题! China Railway Tunnel is a long-term partner of Anbang Electric Co., Ltd. This Jiaoping Tunnel fire-fighting electric heat tracing project still chooses Anbang Electric Co., Ltd. to cooperate. The electric heat tracing system is used to ensure the normal operation of the tunnel firefighting and the key to solving many hidden dangers. problem!

The electric heat tracing project of Jiaoping Tunnel mainly uses self-limiting electric heat tracing to lay the whole process. Anbang specially customized a 1000-meter long electric heat tracing for serial installation, which greatly reduced the hidden trouble points of electric heat tracing in the later stage. At the same time, the loss of electrical energy is also reduced, and frequent joint work is avoided.

The following is a partial diagram of the heat tracing project of Jiaoping Tunnel:






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