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Inner Mongolia Baotou Natural Gas Pipeline Electricity Heating Project


This natural gas pipeline electric heat tracing project is another case after the deep cooperation between Anbang Electric Co., Ltd. and Hangzhou Foster Cryogenic Equipment Co., Ltd., and a targeted solution design for the electric heat tracing and insulation of natural gas pipelines.

Natural gas is one of the most important energy sources, and the transportation of natural gas is also very important. In winter, the climate is dry and cold, and the low temperature environment causes the natural gas pipeline to condense or crystallize, which seriously affects the natural gas transmission efficiency. Electric heat tracing insulation perfectly solves this problem and guarantees the normal transportation of natural gas pipelines in winter.

Natural gas is generally liquid when it is transported. When designing heat tracing projects, safety and security must also be taken seriously. The use of explosion-proof electric heating cable, self-limiting temperature intelligent output power control system, the installation of explosion-proof power supply junction box, two-way, three-way, tail end and account buckle must be absolutely safe to prevent the occurrence of static electricity.

For different use environments and places, Anbang will shoot commissioners to conduct field inspections and design corresponding electric heat tracing solutions for customers to confirm. They have received unanimous praise from customers. At the same time, the positive after-sales service attitude makes Anbang electric heat tracing in the electric tracing market Keep going.

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