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Electric heat tracing project of Sinopec Petroleum Pipeline (Rizhao, Shandong)

Condensation of pipelines seriously affects the efficiency of petroleum transportation. In this project, Sinopec chose Anbang Electric and heat tracing manufacturers to carry out targeted design of heat tracing schemes for petroleum pipelines.

Petroleum pipelines are transported in liquid form. When the external ambient temperature decreases, condensation or even freezing is a problem that petroleum pipelines must face.

Select the self-controlling temperature and heat tracing method. The principle of self-controlling temperature and heat tracing operation is that it has two power buses inside. These two are parallel insulated copper conductors. One layer is extruded on two parallel tinned copper conductors. The PTC semiconductor layer forms a continuous electric heating belt, thereby completing the heating and heating. The device is installed on the pipeline or tank to ensure that the pipeline remains above zero and does not freeze and is used normally.


-Petrochemical electric heat tracing-

Petrochemical sites are classified as flammable and explosive, so it is most appropriate to choose anticorrosive electric heat tracing insulation. This electric heat tracing product has the characteristics of heat resistance, corrosion resistance, water resistance, good mechanical strength, and stable chemical and physical properties. It should be noted that after the electric heat tracing device is installed, it is necessary to do a good job in heat preservation. Once there is a problem in the heat insulation, the heat insulation base of the electric heat tracing system will not work.

Anbang Electric Co., Ltd. has rich experience in designing heat tracing solutions for petroleum pipelines. We sincerely welcome you to inquire about petrochemical heat tracing related cooperation matters.

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