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Electric heat tracing project for oil storage tank

Recently, Anbang Electric Co., Ltd. completed the installation of the heating cable of a Sinopec oil storage tank (oil pipeline system engineering hub). The technical precautions for the entire heating cable installation are listed below:


First: what type of electric heating cable should I choose?

When selecting electric heat tracing products for petroleum pipelines, oil storage tanks, and natural gas and chemical industries, we must fully consider their flammable and explosive product characteristics, put safety in the first category of consideration, and leave explosion-proof and anticorrosive electric heat tracing products idle. Carry out construction to solve this hidden safety hazard, and then design further special parameters according to the actual environmental requirements of the installation. For example, other jacket requirements require targeted design to meet different operating environments and achieve the best results of electrical heat tracing.

Second: How to determine the winding method of oil storage tanks with tropical winding?

Electric heating cables are used in storage tanks. There are two winding methods. ① Up-and-down or down-and-up horizontal rotating wrapping packages; ② Vertical up-down installation. The oil storage tank tube wall area designed in this electric heat tracing project has a large area, and the first heat tracing winding scheme is rotated.

Finally: The fixed problem of electric heating cables

The electric heating cable needs to be pasted on the outside of the pipe wall, which requires another good fixing effect for the whole scheme. There are two common fixing methods. The first is to use heat-sensitive tape for fixing construction, and the second is stainless steel.




-Electric heat tracing control terminal for petroleum storage tank-

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