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The common electric heat tracing can be divided into the following types according to different pipes (tanks)

Self limited temperature electric tracing belt

As the temperature rises, the resistance becomes larger and the power becomes smaller. Because of the large current when starting, the length of the heating belt is generally no more than 100 meters. The heating belt can be cut at will. No matter how long it is, it can generate heat when the rated voltage is applied.

Parallel electric tracing belt

Two (or three) parallel insulated copper stranded wires are used as the power bus. The PTC characteristic heating wire is wound on the framework. The length of every other heating node is alternately connected with the bus to form a continuous parallel resistance. The length of the heat tracing belt is about 10-800m.

Series electric heat tracing belt

Three parallel insulated copper stranded wires with the same cross-sectional area and a certain length are used as power bus and heating core wire. One end of them is reliably short circuited, and the other end is connected with 380V (or designed voltage) power supply. According to Joule Lenz law: q = 0.24irt, electric energy is converted into heat energy, and the star load continuously emits heat, forming a continuous, stable, and stable heat source Electric heating belt with uniform heating. According to the actual situation, the three-phase (single-phase) of electric tracing strip can be separated separately (split type) or integrated into one. The use length of the heat tracing Belt should not be too short. Generally, it should be about 500-2500 meters.

High temperature electric tracing belt

The heat tracing belt is made of glass fiber or other high temperature resistant materials, with temperature resistance within 300 ℃ and length ranging from 1 to 50 meters (as it can not be cut at will, it needs to be designed by a professional manufacturer).

Silicone rubber with electric heating

This heating belt can be used for heating, tracing and heat preservation of industrial equipment or laboratory pipe box, tank body, tank pool and oil tank (box) in humid and non explosive gas pla