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Source: Electric heat tracing manufacturer Author: Anbang Electric Co., Ltd. reading times: 6795

Design process

a design chart

Before construction, there should be a complete design drawing, which should include the following information:

Line number: it is indicated by rectangular grid at the power supply point;

Model of heat tracing belt and length required for the line;

The number of heat tracing strips per meter of pipe length is more than that of the former;

Length of heat tracing strip required for each valve;


List of supporting materials and accessories for heat tracing system;

Temperature control system accessories material list;

List of materials required for construction;

Parameters and specifications of thermal insulation materials are considered in the design.

Preparation before construction

(A) Piping system:

1. The pipeline system and accessories have been constructed;

2. The anti rust and anti-corrosion coating has been completely dried;

3. The construction and specifications of the pipeline system are consistent with those shown in the design drawings;

4. Remove all burrs and sharp corners.

(b) tracing strip and accessories:

1. Whether the surface of the heat tracing belt is damaged;

2. The insulation performance of the heat tracing belt is good (the insulation resistance is required to be 20 megohm when the megger is tested at 1000VDC);

3. The model of heat tracing belt and all accessories shall be consistent with the design requirements.

(c) site preparation

Place a coil of tracing tape and drum on a bracket and place it near one end of the line.

The following items should be avoided:

* place the tracing tape on the burr and sharp corner;

* pulling with force;

* place foot or heavy objects on the hot line.

Construction method of single heat tracing belt

1. Fix the heating belt on the pipe with glass fiber heating belt (high temperature resistant heating belt) every 50cm;

2. The pipeline under the belt will be attached as far as possible;

3. Reserve 50cm long tracing strip at each power supply point and tail end of the line;

4. Wiring according to the "winding factor" shown in the design drawing;

5. All radiating bodies (such as supports, valves, flanges,