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Routine maintenance

The electric heat tracing system used for antifreeze and heat insulation of pipelines needs to be checked twice a year. After the external environment changes, the entire system of electric heat tracing needs to be systematically checked before the weather cools down. In general, the following points need to be noted by supervisors.

First of all, due to weather changes, the sun and rain will inevitably affect the heat insulation layer of the electric heat tracing system, electric heat tracing, accessories, and waterproof covers. There may be a phenomenon of stagnant water. Dispose of the damaged insulation layer or waterproof cover in a timely manner to ensure that the internal heat tracing system is completely waterproof. Due to the problem of internal water accumulation, partial leakage of the heat tracing band may be caused, which may cause a short circuit. Although the modified polyolefin or perfluoro material outer sheath is used, the heat tracing band may still be broken down and burned. Performing a detailed maintenance record facilitates the details and timing of the next maintenance. Test for detecting the continuity and insulation resistance of the heating cable. The resistance should be greater than 5M ohms using a 500V meter. Generally, the test is performed at the end of each circuit. At the same time, check whether the outer sheath of the heating cable has The damage is recorded and the results are recorded in detail to report the problem to the manufacturer. If a section is damaged or even not hot, after the test resistance is zero, a two-way junction box can be used to short a new section of the heating cable within the maximum allowed length of the heating cable.

Doing daily maintenance work is a necessary preparation for the use of heating cables, and timely treatment of unexpected conditions can avoid unnecessary losses. Therefore, choosing a suitable product is the fundamental solution.