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Ground radiant heating is also commonly referred to as floor heating. In layman's terms, ground radiant heating is the official name, and floor heating is its abbreviation. Geothermal radiation heating is a heating method that uses hot water or heating cables with a temperature not higher than 60 degrees Celsius, coils or heating cables buried under concrete to heat the entire floor, and evenly radiates heat to the room through the floor.

Ground low-temperature radiant heating technology has been widely used throughout Europe and North America (Northern United States and Canada) since the 1950s. Its history can be traced as far back as the Roman Empire. At that time, people introduced underground hot springs into underground ducts. Cycling heat under the marble floor for heating. Similar applications were also used in ancient imperial palaces in China.

The ground low-temperature radiant electric heating system is the most comfortable, healthy and increasingly popular heating method in the world, with a service life of more than 50 years. You can choose to use the floor heating system in all areas of your home, or you can choose to use it in some areas (such as bedrooms, halls) )use. Electric heating floor heating systems have been widely accepted and recognized in Europe and North America. With the improvement of the living standards of our people, this emerging heating method has also been increasingly used in China. Floor heating began to enter people's home life.