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Electric floor heating uses heating cables as heating elements, which are used to lay under various floor materials such as floor, tile, marble, etc., and equipped with an intelligent thermostat system to make it comfortable, environmentally friendly, energy efficient, maintenance-free, and independent of each room Use, long life, concealed floor heating system.

Electric floor heating composition

Heating cables, thermostats, floor accessories.

This heating method is widely used in high-end villas. Electricity is used as the energy source. The electrical energy is directly converted into thermal energy. The thermal efficiency is basically 100%. The heat is transmitted in a radiant manner. It has the characteristics of comfort, energy saving, safety and environmental protection.

Working principle of electric floor heating

After the heating cable is energized, the working temperature of the conductor is controlled at 40 ° -70 °, and the ground (10 ° --- 35 °) is used as a heat dissipation surface, which is transmitted to the ground above the ground in a radiating manner, so that the surface temperature rises to The purpose of increasing and maintaining room temperature.

The indoor temperature is uniform, and the temperature everywhere can be adjusted as needed. Each room can be controlled freely and individually, saving energy; no noise, no pollution; intelligent operation, low energy consumption, heat radiation heating, high efficiency; does not occupy any space indoors or outdoors .

The system has high reliability and safety, is not easy to be damaged, requires no maintenance and has a service life of more than 50 years. Once installed, it is used for life, maintenance-free and maintenance-free, without exposed heat pipe network and radiators, saving space and increasing the area by 3% --- 5%, only beautiful thermostats are found in the room, which is clean, hygienic and not dry, as warm as sunlight.

What is electric floor heating

Electric floor heating is an energy-saving heating method. The heating cable it uses is a relatively good energy-saving end. At the same time, electrical energy is renewable energy, which can be generated by solar energy, wind energy, nuclear energy, water conservancy and other energy sources. Generally, the peak electricity use is during the day, and most homes are mainly used for heating at night. In this way, a control device can be used to balance the peaks and valleys to achieve more energy-saving effects. Secondly, electric energy is a clean energy. The use of electric energy can reduce the emission of gases such as sulfur dioxide in the air. At present, national energy conservation and emission reduction policies and environmental protection policies strongly advocate electric heating methods.

Electric floor heating heating method

The heat source starts from the bottom to the bottom, conforms to human physiology, promotes normal metabolism, and naturally softens the way of heating. Far-infrared wavelengths penetrate deep into the human body, which causes the temperature of deep subcutaneous tissues to rise, microvascular expansion, promote blood circulation, and also activate cells The role of strengthening immunity.

Low-temperature radiant floor heating is achieved by heating the floor to a surface temperature of 18 to 32 degrees Celsius by heating pipes buried under the floor—aluminum-plastic composite pipes or conductive pipes.