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Structure + advantages

Electric floor heating structure

Extrusion board, reflective film, steel mesh, heating cable, temperature controller and temperature sensing device.

Advantages of electric floor heating

Compared with traditional heating methods, electric floor heating has the following advantages:

First of all, the room temperature distribution is uniform. Using floor heating mode, because the whole floor is uniform heat dissipation, so the temperature difference in the room is very small. Moreover, the indoor temperature gradually decreases from bottom to top, and the ground temperature is higher than the temperature of human respiratory system, which gives people a comfortable feeling of warm feet and cool head.

Second, it is conducive to create a healthy indoor environment. Using heat sink for heating, the water temperature is generally above 7 degrees centigrade, but when the temperature reaches 8 degrees, it will produce dust mass, so that the wall above the heating is covered with dust. And floor heating can eliminate the convection of dust and turbid air, giving people a fresh, warm and healthy environment.

Third, high efficiency and energy saving. Due to the large radiation surface of heating, the relatively required water supply temperature is low, only 4 to 5 degrees. And it can overcome part of the heat of the traditional heating sheet.