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1.Electric floor heating road clearing snow

Heating cables are widely used in life and business due to the cost-effective radiation method. With the advent of winter, for the sanitation workers and traffic safety, thick snow is the most troublesome thing. In response to the above situation, the heating cable company specially introduced winter snow products. It has made outstanding contributions to traffic safety and snow clearing, which not only saves manpower and resources, but also helps traffic safety and other issues. Heating cables can be used in roads, eaves, and other occasions to help people who are troubled by snow.

The road snow melting system is to lay heating cables under the road. When it encounters snowy days, the power can be turned on. The heating cables can heat the road to melt the snowflakes naturally. The application of this snow system not only can solve the problem of snow on the road area, but also save the overhead of the sanitation department, and save material and energy. Has received widespread attention.

Winter is coming, and snowfall is just around the corner. The heating cable company reminds our friends: install road snow melting system as soon as possible, and the snow clearing problem can be easily solved. So you do n’t have to worry about snow hazards and save you money. The service life of heating cable series products can be guaranteed for more than 50 years. No special maintenance is required, and it is your most economical and ideal solution to clear snow from the road.

2. Livestock breeding

Electric floor heating has become the first choice for home users. The advantages of electric floor heating have been widely recognized and excavated, and have been extended to the breeding industry. It is well known that snakes are temperature-changing animals and will enter hibernation when the temperature is too low. This is the most problematic problem for professional snake farmers. When the professional snake farmers cannot maintain a stable temperature in winter, it will affect the growth and reproduction of snakes. So the snake keeper in winter is very hard. In order to help farmers get rid of the above problems, Oujit Electric Floor Heating Co., Ltd. has developed a snake house constant temperature system. Once the product was launched, it was widely recognized by farmers. It has improved the economic benefits for farmers, and made them more economical.

Electric floor heating applies heating cable heating to snake house heating. This greatly increased the temperature of the snake house and ensured the low-yield problem of snake farming in winter. When the temperature of the snake house drops, the system will automatically warm it through the heating cable. When the temperature of the snake house cannot reach 23 ℃ ~ 32 ℃, the temperature monitoring system will intelligently turn on the system. The temperature rises to the ideal temperature range. The traditional heating method maintains room temperature by air convection, and the indoor temperature distribution is uneven, which affects the physiological activities of snakes. Radiating heat can make the indoor air almost uniform. No matter where the snake is moving, it is in a suitable temperature range. The temperature of the snake house can be set by itself, and the high and low temperature can be adjusted by itself. Very convenient. Users can sit back and relax without worrying about the temperature of the snake house.

The snake house constant temperature system launched by electric floor heating not only brings convenience to the majority of breeding users, but also has less floor space, no pollution, and lower energy consumption compared with traditional heating and heating equipment, which greatly reduces the cost of snake breeding for users, and The profit of snake farming has also been greatly improved.

Ground radiant heating methods on the market include low-temperature hot water floor radiant heating systems, heating cable floor radiant heating systems, and electric film floor heating systems, but electric film floor heating systems have no national regulations due to their immature technology.

"Low-temperature hot water floor heating" uses hot water whose temperature is not higher than 60 ° C as the heat medium, and circulates the hot water in heating coils buried in the floor filling layer to heat the floor and radiate and convective heat through the floor Way to supply indoor heat, so as to achieve the purpose of heating;

"Heating cable ground radiant heating" system uses electric power as the energy source and heating cable as the heating element to convert electrical energy into thermal energy, and uses the indoor floor of the building as the heat dissipation surface, and supplies heat to the room through the floor through radiation and convection heat transfer methods. Heating method.

As far as electric floor heating is concerned, the core part is the heating cable. How to choose a good heating cable is mainly in several aspects. The first is to look at the appearance, smooth and flat, let alone say that there are trademarks, specifications, models, resistances, production, etc. on the cable, if the words are sprayed on the machine, there should be dark lines like braille.

From the inside to the outside, the structure must have: heating wire (solid core thickness)-cross-linked polyethylene insulation layer (transparency)-ground wire-shield jacket. Look at the connector, which is also a technical difficulty of the heating cable .