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installation method

The construction process of electric floor heating is the same as that of low-temperature water floor heating. After the installation of the electric floor heating floor is completed, only a temperature controller is installed on the indoor wall. After the installation of the low-temperature water floor heating, the boiler and the manifold are needed.

Do n’t worry about the safety of electric floor heating. It has been tested at a high voltage of 4000 volts, and the household voltage is only about 220 volts. The heating body has double-layer protection, and it is also protected against electromagnetic wave shielding and grounding. In case of electricity leakage, your home may The main power supply will be cut off immediately, and the product quality guarantee period is more than 50 years. Electric floor heating has large-scale construction site engineering cases in China and around the world.

You can choose the upper decorative layer of electric floor heating: floor tiles, marble, solid wood flooring, solid wood flooring (self-regulating heating cables can be used for solid wood flooring).

Use matters

The floor heating should be gradually heated after 24 hours after installation, and the floor must be kept clean and dry before heating to prevent the floor from cracking and distorting due to excessive heating.

When using the floor heater for the first time or for a long time, the floor temperature should be set to the lowest temperature, and then slowly heated, it is better to increase the temperature by about 1 ℃ per hour, so that the wooden floor gradually adapts to the temperature. If the heating is too fast, it may cause the wooden floor to be heated too fast, causing unstable distortion and cracking changes, which will affect the service life of the wooden floor.

As far as possible, do not make fixed decoration or install legless furniture on the wooden floor for geothermal heating, to prevent local heat dissipation from being unobstructed. The heat is suffocated at the wooden floor, which is prone to deformation due to uneven heating.


1. Before installing electric geothermal floor heating, test the nominal resistance and insulation resistance of the thermal cable.

2. The thermal insulation material laying on the ground can use the special insulation board of Anbang heating cable. If the ground humidity is high, you can lay a layer of waterproof film first, and then install the thermal insulation material.

3. Laying a layer of reflective aluminum foil on the thermal insulation material can play a role in reflecting heat.

4. Lay a layer of metal mesh on the reflective aluminum foil layer, the purpose is to prevent the installed hot cable from being pressed into the heat insulation material and to enhance the compressive strength of the ground.

5. According to the pre-designed thermal cable arrangement method, the heating cable's heating section should be evenly laid on the metal mesh starting from the power terminal, and tied up every 250mm. The thermal cables cannot overlap. After that, the thermal cable is evenly covered and covered with concrete (the thickness of the concrete is about 20mm-30mm), and finally, floor decoration materials such as floor tiles are laid.