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Power calculation

The calculation of heating power has the following three aspects:

● Power during operation

● Power at start

● Heat loss in the system

All calculations should be considered in the worst case:

● Lowest ambient temperature

● Shortest operating cycle

● Maximum operating temperature

● The maximum weight of the heating medium (the maximum flow rate of the flowing medium)

Steps to calculate heater power

● According to the process, draw a process flow chart for heating (does not involve material form and specifications).

● Calculate the heat required for the process.

● Calculate the heat and time required for the system to start.

● Redraw the heating process flow chart, consider the appropriate safety factor, and determine the total power of the heater.

● Determine the sheath material and power density of the heating element.

● Determine the size and number of heaters.

● Determine the power and control system of the heater.