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Source: Ampang electric heating of: Ampang Electric shares Date: 2017-05-18 Views: 7202

Leaders of the Municipal Party Committee visited Anbang Electric Co., Ltd. to guide non-public party construction work

At 10 am on May 11th, Jiao Yan, deputy director of the Organization Department of the Luzhou Municipal Committee, secretary of the Municipal Committee of the Non-public Working Committee, Yang Mingle, deputy secretary of the Non-public Working Committee of the Chenzhou Municipal Committee, and He Jiaping, deputy secretary of the Tianchang Municipal Party Committee, were present in Yeshan Township. Accompanied by Chang Li Yilian and party branch secretary Bu Jifeng, Anbang Electric Co., Ltd. visited Anbang Electric Co., Ltd. to inspect and guide party building work in non-public enterprises.

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The company's party branch secretary, Bu Jifeng, introduced the company's development history, corporate culture, party branch, union, and Communist Youth League to the city's township work committees who were present. Then everyone stepped into the office hall and reviewed the relevant documents of our company's party branch standardization construction. The party member activity room, administrative office area, and product display area were visited, during which the township committees communicated with each other and took photos to study.

Since the establishment of the party branch, Anbang has always adhered to the party building and development, carefully studied the spirit of the 18th National Congress and the 3rd, 4th, 5th, and 6th Plenary Sessions of the 18th National Congress of the Communist Party of China, and learned the spirit of General Secretary Xi Jinping ’s series of important speeches. "Two studies, one doing" study and education, and constantly do four full. Give full play to the role of political leadership and be the "adhesive" of cohesion; give full play to the role of staff assistant; be a "think tank" for important decisions; give full play to the role of pioneer and model and be the "engine" of production and operation; Fully strengthen the close integration of corporate culture construction with the work of the branch to become a "connecting bridge" for corporate culture.

The party branch of Anbang Electric Co., Ltd. focuses on consolidating the foundation, promoting standardization, typical demonstration, and overall improvement. It focuses on the implementation of the "four outstandings" and takes the lead in completing the standardization of non-public party organizations.

Finally, the city leaders fully affirmed and highly appraised the standardization work of the party branch of Anbang Electric Co., Ltd., and hoped that the party branch of Anbang would further strengthen the party building work of non-public enterprises in the next step, and truly make the party building work of the company a promotion Strong driving force for enterprise development.

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