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Source: Ampang electric heating of: Ampang Electric shares Date: 2018-10-26 Views: 4239

Official staff of Anbang Capital Second Airport project officially entered

On October 25th, the personnel of the Capital Two Airport (Beijing Daxing International Airport) electric heating project responsible by Anbang officially entered the field. After selection, Anbang relied on leading technical experience and brand influence in the industry. Get the favor of the project organizer.

This is another service that Anbang serves as a world-class engineering project. This time the cooperation of the Capital Two Airport, Anbang is mainly responsible for the airport's electric heat tracing, snow melting cables, and snow thawing heating related to roofs / gutters. The main construction areas Including related heat tracing projects for the new airport passenger terminal, integrated transfer center, parking building and integrated service building.


Aerial view of Capital II Airport

Project Information:

Beijing Daxing International Airport is a large-scale international aviation integrated transportation hub built between Daxing District of Beijing and Guangyang District of Langfang City, Hebei Province. (2040) Construction of seven runways and a terminal building of approximately 1.4 million square meters at a scale of 100 million passenger trips and 800,000 aircraft takeoffs and landings. The airport reserves control land in accordance with the terminal (2050) passenger throughput of 130 million The number of passengers was 1.03 million, and the scale of nine runways was reserved.


Anbang engineers discuss the heat tracing technology plan of the Second Capital Airport

The main area of the airport is located in Beijing. It is the third passenger airport after Beijing Capital International Airport and Beijing Nanyuan Airport (to be relocated). In this phase, four runways and a military-civilian runway (namely, Air Force Nanyuan New Airport), 700,000 square meters terminal building, 92 passenger aircraft near seats, planned to be completed by the end of 2019, when the passenger flow reaches 45 million passengers, the first satellite hall will be built to make the terminal area reach 820,000 square meters, passenger aircraft Nearly 137 seats, making it meet the design capacity of 72 million passengers.


The Anbang team that arrived at the scene early

Anbang project technical services:

利用电伴热带帮助屋顶融雪,主要是电伴热带通电后散发热量来融化冰雪,同时还能实现智能化控制。 The airport snow melting and heating project served by Anbang can effectively solve the problem of snow and icing on the airport runway in winter, thereby further ensuring the safety of aircraft taking off and landing, and solving flight delays caused by snow and icing. In terms of snow melting on roofs and gutters, Anbang's snow-melting heating cables effectively solve the safety hazards caused by excessively high roof loads caused by snow in winter. Electric heating cables are used to help snow melt on the roofs, mainly electric heating cables. After that, it releases heat to melt snow and ice, and at the same time, it can realize intelligent control. At the same time, the overall operation of the roof's overall communication signals, fire protection system, water supply and drainage system and other related systems are also guaranteed.

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