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Source: Ampang electric heating of: Ampang Electric shares Date: 2018-04-11 Views: 4685

Celebrating the listing of Anbang Electric Co., Ltd.

证券简称: 安邦股份 ,证券代码: 872724 )的挂牌申请3月7日获得批准挂牌,并于3月29日在北京全国中小企业股转系统举行挂牌仪式。 Hi Dapu Ben, Anbang Electric Co., Ltd. ( security abbreviation: Anbang shares , stock code: 872724 ) was approved for listing on March 7, and was held on March 29 in the national SME stock transfer system Listing ceremony.

The listing of the "New Third Board" is a milestone on the company's growth path, marking the company's official entry into the Chinese capital market. As a leader in the field of electric heat tracing and electric floor heating, Anbang Electric will make full use of its own advantages in promoting innovation and promoting development. , Leading the industry transformation and upgrading under the background of intelligent innovation.

At the same time, further improve the corporate governance structure of the company, standardize the company's operation and operation, strengthen the company's core competitiveness, and strive to achieve the company's rapid development, so as to achieve the mission of social responsibility, user responsibility, employee responsibility, and shareholder responsibility!

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