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Source: Ampang electric heating of: Ampang Electric shares Date: 2018-09-20 Views: 3034

Anbang won the Quzhou Mayor Quality Award

Anbang Electric Co., Ltd. (Anbang Co., Ltd., stock code: 872724), after receiving the mayor of Tianchang City, submitted the Mayor's Quality Award of Chenzhou City and won the award.

The last meeting of the review

On August 15, five experts including Cao Zhongwei, Weng Xianmin, Gong Xiaoyan, and other experts, accompanied by the leaders of Quzhou Municipal Bureau of Quality and Technical Supervision, conducted on-site assessment of Mayor Quality Award for Anbang. Company leaders Li Yilian, Bu Jifeng, Sun Xiang, Zheng Rugang, and heads of relevant departments attended the review meeting. At the first meeting, the leader of the review team emphasized the purpose, basis and method of the review, and made a commitment to keep confidential information about the review organization.

Chairman Li Yilian, on behalf of the company, warmly welcomed the experts from the audit team and the leaders of the Municipal Bureau of Quality and Technical Supervision to visit the company for the on-site review of the mayor's quality award. And introduced the company's basic situation and the organization's implementation of high performance management: In early 2014, Anbang began to fully introduce the high performance management system and completed the following main tasks: The company first established the "Outstanding Performance Leadership Group" and "Outstanding Performance" In the “Promotion Group”, senior leaders take the lead in learning, form a self-evaluation team, implement self-evaluation, find the advantages and disadvantages of enterprises through self-evaluation, formulate and improve a series of improvement plans and management specifications, and continue to be effectively implemented in enterprises. Advance this work strictly in accordance with the requirements of the High Performance Standards in terms of leadership and strategy, customer and market management, resources, process management, measurement analysis and improvement, and results. The following major performance results have been achieved: Anbang, a technology leader, has advanced technology. Up to now, Anbang has 10 authorized invention patents, a national high-tech enterprise, relying on technological innovation to achieve economic and brand benefits. While contributing to the industrial GDP of Quzhou, the action pursues the realization of the industry status. In November 2014, he presided over the formulation and release of the industry standard "Code for Solar Thermal Utilization Self-Limited Temperature Electric Tropic Installation", and participated in and implemented it in December 2015. The national standard "Self-limiting temperature electric heating belt" has led the high-end technology of electric heat tracing; for three consecutive years, it has achieved growth in output value and main business income. Anbang shares were listed and traded in the national SME stock transfer system (stock code: 872724) To continuously contribute to the rapid development of the local economy.

The results have become a thing of the past, and we know deeply that awards are not the main purpose, and the process of creating awards is of great significance. In 2017, the company decided to actively participate in the selection of the 2018 Mayor's Quality Award in order to promote the company's excellent performance management model, hoping to receive guidance from experts and leaders.

Subsequently, the reviewing experts watched the company's corporate style promotional videos, and went to the office lobby, production site, quality inspection center and other areas to check; then divided into three groups from leadership and strategy, customer and market, process management, resources and results, measurement Analysis and improvement of several aspects of data inspection and verification.

Through on-site visits and access to information, the panel of reviewers at the last meeting fully recognized the company's achievements in actively implementing excellent performance management, summarizing about five advantages of our company: the strategy of senior leaders, corporate culture advantages, and people-oriented The practice of technology, the advantages of technology patents, the construction of a set of mature human resources evaluation system, etc. At the same time, it pointed out the weakness of the company's management system; the measurement and analysis system needs continuous attention and improvement; the collection of benchmarking companies and competitors' data in the construction of a high-performance system needs to be systematic and normal, and in addition, it must be used in process management. Strengthen the study and application of statistical techniques.

At the last meeting, President Li thanked the experts for their hard work, and said that the company will improve the standards and guidelines based on the experts' opinions and suggestions, identify gaps, guide the company's work, improve the performance of the company, and provide relevant Party to provide better services.

Photo of the jury with the Anbang team

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