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Matters needing attention in buried installation of electric heat tracing system

Electric heat tracing systems are mostly used for pipeline insulation and antifreeze. Due to the wide variety of locations where pipelines are used, there are many types of overhead, buried, indoor and outdoor. Prevent pipelines from freezing and affecting production. The effect of electric heat tracing is the most prominent in all insulation products.


The right side of the picture above is the buried electric heat tracing pipe

Generally, in the selection of electric heat tracing products, the place of use, installation method and temperature requirements of the pipeline should be considered. Based on these parameters, the type of electric heat tracing products is finally determined.

What kind of electric heating cable should be used for buried pipelines, what should be paid attention to after installing electric heating products, etc. These factors are the key factors affecting the heat insulation of electric heating systems. When buried pipelines use electric heat tracing systems, the first consideration in the selection is the need to choose an electric heating cable with anticorrosive performance, and then the insulation, so you can use flame retardant anticorrosive electric heating cable.

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When installing the electric heat tracing system, waterproof measures must be taken because the ground floor is in a humid state for a long time. If the electric heat tracing products are in a humid state for a long time without waterproof measures, it is easy to cause damage to the electric heat tracing due to excessive power. Therefore, more attention must be paid to the waterproof and moisture resistance of electric heat tracing.

Installing the electric heat tracing system for underground use not only needs to pay attention to waterproofness, but also pay attention to the tightness of the pipeline. If the liquid in the pipeline leaks, the heating cable will be immersed in the liquid for a long time. The heat tracing system fails and cannot operate normally. Therefore, the above two points require more attention from users in the installation of buried electric heat tracing.

Users also pay a lot of attention when using it after installation. It is not that they can be used once and for all after installation. Electric heat tracing needs to be regularly tested and checked during normal use to avoid unnecessary trouble.

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