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Do you know the reason why constant power electric heating cable is used for long-distance pipeline insulation?

The normal operation of liquid pipelines in winter depends on heat tracing products. Products with good results and economical applicability are electric heat tracing. In the electric heat tracing system, there are roughly two types, one is a self-limiting electric heating cable, and the other is a constant power electric heating cable. The two heating cables are suitable for different regional equipment.

For long-distance pipelines, constant-power electric heating cables are required for insulation and freezing. Why do long-distance pipelines require constant-power electrical heating cables for insulation?


Long-distance pipeline constant power electric heating cable

First, the maximum length of the self-limiting electric heating cable cannot exceed one hundred meters. If it is used in long-distance pipelines, multiple circuits need to be used for laying. This not only consumes material resources but also causes a certain amount of waste. Tropical is not suitable for long distance pipelines.

Constant power electric heating cables are different from self-limiting electric heating cables. Constant-power electrical heat tracing insulation material uses high waterproof glass fiber and PFA fluoroplastic resistant to high temperature F46, so it can be used for thermal insulation in places with a temperature of 260 ° C. It is especially suitable for places with strict heat tracing temperature requirements , Such as asphalt, crude oil pipeline heat tracing. The fluid maintains a temperature of 180 degrees -250 degrees, and constant power can also be used in the first and second areas of explosive places.

Among the constant power, especially the series constant power electric heating cable, the single heating cable can reach a length of several kilometers, which is 5-12 times longer than the maximum using length of general constant power and self-limiting electric heating cable. Generally suitable for thermal insulation and heat tracing of long-distance pipelines and other equipment in the petroleum, chemical, power, and dock industries.

When the user selects the electric heat tracing, if the electric heat tracing is not known, professionals will design and use different types of heat tracing for different heat tracing areas, so the user need not worry.

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