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Source: Ampang electric heating of: Ampang Electric shares Date: 2017-06-17 Views: 5036

Pump pipeline antifreeze electric heating cable system

When winter comes, users need to adopt some insulation measures to maintain the temperature of the pipeline or equipment, so as to ensure the normal production and operation of the equipment and pipeline. The use of an electric heat tracing system can effectively maintain the equipment in the required operating temperature range, and in the true sense eliminate the problems of freezing and blocking of equipment and pipelines in winter.


Anbang Electric The electric heat tracing system is a combination of electric heat tracing and related accessories. It has the functions of anti-freezing, heat preservation and anti-condensation. It is usually used in liquid pipelines, including: petrochemical, power, fire, natural gas, steel and food. And other areas. After the electric heating cable is energized, the principle of converting electrical energy into thermal energy can be used to prevent freezing and heat preservation of the pipeline.

The electric heating cable is composed of a conductive polymer and two parallel metal wires and an insulating sheath. It can automatically control the temperature range without change, and can cut according to the requirements of the scene, which is safe and convenient.

The pump pipeline is installed outdoors. In the winter, it will be crystallized due to the influence of cold air. After the crystallization, the pipeline will be blocked to affect the production and reduce the production efficiency. Therefore, it is essential to use the electric heating cable to heat the pump pipeline.

When the pump pipeline freezes in winter, it is necessary to install the electric heating cable in time. The electric heating cable can quickly and effectively play the role of antifreeze and heat insulation, and the effect is very significant, especially in the antifreeze and heat insulation of liquid pipelines.

Self-controlling temperature and heating temperature between 0 and 105 degrees, suitable for civil fire protection, petroleum, chemical, power and other industrial industries, heat tracing, storage, anti-condensation, anti-freezing, and suitable for ordinary areas, dangerous areas and Corroded areas, etc.

Constant power electric heating cable temperature range is 0-150 degrees. It is used for anti-freeze and heat insulation of various pipes and instruments. The maximum temperature can be maintained at 150 ° C. It can be used in the explosive gas occasions in the first and second zones of the factory. The user needs to decide which type of heating cable to use according to the actual situation when selecting the electric heating cable.

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