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Source: Ampang electric heating of: Ampang Electric shares Date: 2017-06-24 Views: 5220

Equipment heat selection and heat tracing selection summary

The types of electric heat tracing products are mainly divided into two types: self-limiting electric heat tracing and constant power electric heat tracing . As it is a new form of electric heat tracing , users should use the electric heat tracing system to heat the equipment. The type of electric heating cable is unclear. This requires the technical staff of the electric heating manufacturer to select the corresponding model according to the parameters given by the user. Then how to determine the model of the electric heating cable, from the following aspects Briefly introduce.


Temperature requirements. To know the temperature of the medium and the temperature that needs to be maintained, the temperature value that the electrical heating cable can withstand. If using fluoroplastic or glass fiber, the temperature resistance can reach 260 degrees.

The length of single use. The self-limiting temperature of a single heating cable is generally limited to 100 meters, while the parallel constant power electric heating cable can reach 150 meters under 220V voltage, the length can reach 330 meters under 380V voltage. With a longer length, a single root can reach thousands of meters from four to five hundred meters. In the long-distance pipe heat tracing, large-scale pipes and tanks are connected in series with constant power and tropical heat.

Voltage requirements. The self-limiting temperature tracing cable can provide 24V, 36V, 110v, 220, 380V. At present, the constant power electric heating cable is more common with only 220V, 380V voltage.

Installation issues. The self-limiting temperature tracing cable can be cut freely, and cross winding can be realized. For example, the valve, instrument and other objects are the preferred models for heating. Constant-power electric heating cables cannot be cross-wound, so pay special attention to their installation spacing. In addition, the self-limiting electric heating cable can achieve district heating. The heating temperature of each core strip is different, which is especially suitable for heating the same pipeline at different ambient temperatures, such as indoor to outdoor distinguishing pipes.

Installation costs. If all the heat tracing requirements can be met by these two types of electric heating cables, it is recommended to use self-limiting heating cables, because constant power electrical heating cables will have excessive temperature, and temperature control equipment must be equipped for matching In terms of convenience of installation and low cost, self-limiting temperature and tropical heating are still more economical.

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