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Source: Ampang electric heating of: Ampang Electric shares Date: 2017-07-25 Views: 5215

Solar pipe heat tracing and insulation scheme in winter

Solar water heater's official application of heat tracing and thermal insulation application, solar water heater is very common in daily life, it provides a lot of convenience for our lives. Solar water heaters are installed outdoors, and water pipes are prone to burst and fracture in low temperature environments in winter. In order to avoid this phenomenon, it is suggested that you can choose the electric heating cable system to prevent frost and keep warm.

The main medium of the solar water heater is water, so it only needs to be maintained at a certain temperature without freezing. According to this property, we choose to install the official self-limiting electric heating cable, which can effectively solve these problems. The official self-limiting temperature heating cable has its own function of limiting the temperature and increasing the temperature. It will not damage the pipeline due to excessive temperature, and has the characteristics of fast heating and no harm to the environment. It is the most effective solar water heater official channel. One of the antifreeze insulation solutions.


The official antifreeze insulation of solar water heaters is to compensate the heat loss of the heat tracing pipes through indirect or direct heat exchange through the heat radiated from the heating cable to meet the requirements of antifreeze insulation and ensure the normal use of solar water heaters in severe winters. In addition, the solar water heater heating cable can provide you with the largest safety guarantee PTC characteristics and unique structure to ensure that the output power of the electrical heating cable responds quickly to changes in ambient temperature, and there is no worry of local overheating and fire.

The self-limiting temperature heating cable used in the official solar water heater solves the problem of protecting the water pipe of the solar water heater, which brings convenience to the users and saves energy for the society. The electric heating cable is also suitable for antifreeze and thermal insulation of pipes and tanks in the industrial and civil fields, and is widely used in places where antifreeze and thermal insulation or process temperature maintenance is required, especially medium pipes that are easy to solidify and crystallize.

Attachment: Solar energy heating cable installation specification book , this code helps users pay attention to problems and adjustments during the installation of solar energy heating cable system.

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