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Electric heating cable of steel coking system

Steel coking system pipeline heat tracing heat insulation technology. Traditional steel industry usually uses steam tracing to solve the problem of low-temperature freezing and blocking of pipelines when solving the problem of anti-freezing of pipelines. The traditional steam tracing completes the transformation of pipeline insulation and antifreeze. The antifreeze insulation of steel coking pipes is recommended to use Anbang electric heating and heating system.

Steel is produced through iron ore through a blast furnace, and is widely used in different fields. According to the flow chart of the coke oven body and the drum cooling system, the iron ore coke from the coke oven has been condensed into a liquid state before entering. The liquid transported in the pipeline is affected by the low temperature, which will cause the phenomenon of freezing and affect the transportation, so we need to heat the steel coking pipeline.


Electric heat tracing and thermal insulation system applied to the heat tracing of coking pipes in steel plants

For this reason, our company recommends the use of electric heat tracing systems to heat the coking system pipes. Nowadays, there are more and more applications for electric heat tracing system insulation. For steel coking pipes, electric heat tracing system is used for insulation. Simply lay the heat tracing band on the surface of the pipe, and then install an insulation layer on the outside. Power on can compensate the heat loss of the pipeline, thereby maintaining the temperature required for the normal operation of the steel coking pipeline.

The electric heating cable of the steel coking pipeline is a method of converting electrical energy into thermal energy. Through direct or indirect heat exchange, it supplements the heat lost by the heat tracing equipment and adopts temperature control to track and control the temperature of the medium in the heat tracing equipment. To maintain it at a reasonable and economic level.

The electric heating cable of the steel coking system has the advantages of high thermal efficiency, energy saving, simple design, convenient construction and installation, no pollution, long service life, remote control and automatic control, etc. It is the technology development direction to replace steam and hot water heating. Is a nationally promoted energy-saving project

Compared with the traditional heat tracing system, the electric heating cable system of the steel coking system has the advantages of convenient installation and simple maintenance. It can be used not only in ordinary occasions, but also in complicated occasions such as dangerous areas and corrosive areas. At the same time, it avoids the disadvantages of traditional heat tracing methods and is more and more popular with users.

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