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Source: Ampang electric heating of: Ampang Electric shares Date: 2016-11-25 Views: 13574

Selection standard of electric heat tracing

Before understanding the selection standard of electric heat tracing , we should first clarify the concept of electric heat tracing. The electric heat tracing system refers to the use of heat tracing (heating cables) to make up for the heat loss of pipes, solids, etc. Or it can be used to increase the operating environment temperature of the equipment, thereby improving the operating efficiency of the equipment.

Therefore, after we understand the concept of electric heat tracing, our choice of electric heat tracing model should be aligned with our own use direction. Anbang Electric Co., Ltd. sorts them into the following points for you:


① Selection of basic use environment

When choosing the electric heat tracing model, you must meet your own environmental requirements, such as: agriculture, industry, household and so on. The scope of model selection can be further narrowed down to agricultural soil temperature, industrial tank heat tracing, pipe heat tracing , and household floor heating. With these approximate scopes of use, customer service will also have a more accurate selection guide when inquiring about electrical heat tracing manufacturers, for example, it will also introduce you in more detail in terms of pipeline electrical heat tracing installation specifications .


-Construction site of electric heat tracing model of pipeline-

② Selection of explosion-proof and anti-corrosion requirements

选择,当有这方面的需要时一定要考虑到,否则影响以后的使用,且有着一定的安全隐患。 It is mainly aimed at the selection of electric heat tracing models in factories and chemical industries that have certain explosion-proof requirements or corrosive use environments. When there is a need in this area, it must be considered, otherwise it will affect future use and have certain safety risks.


③The need to maintain the temperature is clear when selecting.

When choosing electric heat tracing, you should know your own electric heat tracing work to maintain the temperature needs. Too high and too low temperatures are not suitable, and you must meet your own fixed needs. ,那么这个温度需求一般就是在5-10℃就可以的。 For example: only pipelines need to be antifreeze , then this temperature requirement is generally 5-10 ° C. If the process is heat tracing, the specific minimum and maximum temperatures of the process and the optimal working temperature can be set.

④ Product thickness and size

In view of the unsufficient electric heat tracing environment or the need for size selection of electric heat tracing products that require process products, the thickness is often a prominent point for selecting electric heat tracing. Has a certain impact.


⑤ Power supply system, control system-no control, field distribution cabinet control or remote control, etc.

⑥ Distinction between constant power and constant temperature

恒功率电伴热带的型号区分,前者自动调节输出功率的高低以维持设定的温度在一个不便的值上,后者则恒定了电伴热的输出功率,电伴热的实际温度效果则受到外界温度的影响而有着一定范围的波动。 Here we highlight the distinction between self-limiting electric heating cables and constant-power electric heating cables. The former automatically adjusts the output power level to maintain the set temperature at an inconvenient value, while the latter constant the output power of electric heat tracing. The actual temperature effect of electric heat tracing has a certain range of fluctuations due to the influence of external temperature.

The above are the related matters that should be paid attention to when selecting electric heat tracing, which are introduced by Anbang electric heat tracing manufacturers. The choice of electric heat tracing models, the choice of electric heat tracing manufacturers welcome you to inquire the customer service of electric heat tracing manufacturers.

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