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Source: Ampang electric heating of: Ampang Electric shares Date: 2019-10-31 Views: 612

Ammonia pipeline self-limiting temperature electric heating and anti-freezing insulation

Today, the technical knowledge of using self-limiting temperature and heat tracing for antifreeze and heat insulation in ammonia gas pipeline transportation is sorted out. Ammonia is an important chemical material. For transportation and storage convenience, gaseous ammonia is usually pressurized or cooled to obtain liquid ammonia, which is widely used in industrial and agricultural production. For example, liquid ammonia plays an important role in chemical pipeline processing production lines. However, in severe cold weather, the cooling of liquid ammonia industrial pipelines will lead to the normal operation of chemical plants and bring direct economic losses to production enterprises.


Ammonia has corrosive and irritating effects on the skin tissues it comes into contact with, and has a medium burning risk. When mixed with air or oxygen, it can form explosive gases. According to this situation, we recommend choosing the electric heating cable insulation method, and can specifically use the explosion-proof and corrosion-resistant automatic temperature electric heating cable.

The self-limiting temperature and heat tracing can realize the automatic temperature control function, which can maintain 0-65 ℃, which can alleviate the coldness of liquid ammonia industrial pipelines in severe cold weather, solve the problem of anti-freezing, and at the same time, the explosion-proof net with shielding layer has good anti-static, Advantages of grounding and fire protection. The fluorine material used for the outer sheath has the characteristics of heat resistance, corrosion resistance, water resistance, and stable chemical and physical properties. It is suitable for corrosive liquid ammonia industrial pipelines. In addition, the liquid ammonia storage area is equipped with a complete fire protection water system, which can pass ordinary explosion protection. Electric heating cable tracing.


Ammonia pipeline antifreeze liquid heating cable is flexible and can be easily attached to the surface of oil pipelines. The outer metal armor increases its strength, which can transfer heat, dissipate heat, generate static electricity, safely ground and explosion-proof, and cooperate with related explosion-proof temperature controllers. It can precisely control the medium temperature of the equipment, so as to realize automatic operation. The main heating element of the electric heating cable is made of conductive polymer materials, which has the characteristics of positive temperature coefficient of resistivity.

This type of automatic temperature control cable is widely used in various process pipelines, pipeline storage tanks for antifreeze, thermal insulation, temperature control, and defrost. It is especially used for heat tracing, heat preservation, viscosity reduction and anti-clogging of materials in containers that are easy to freeze, crystallize, condense and adhere.

In fact, in addition to ammonia, very representative gas pipeline transportation, such as natural gas pipeline transportation, is also innovating the use of electric heating cables for antifreeze and heat insulation. The use of electric heating cables in gas pipeline transportation has been agreed. Anbang has a wealth of Gas pipeline transportation antifreeze electrical heating belt installation experience, you are welcome to inquire about ammonia gas pipeline antifreezing electrical heating belt related knowledge.

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