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Source: Ampang electric heating of: Ampang Electric shares Date: 2019-10-31 Views: 626

Tempered pipe antifreeze insulation electric heating cable

The temperature has dropped. Today we talk about the knowledge of choosing heat-resistant materials for the antifreeze and heat preservation of tempered pipes. In cold regions, tempered pipes will freeze due to weather changes, which will bring direct economic losses to some manufacturing enterprises. Selecting an appropriate electric heating cable as an industrial antifreeze insulation system can keep the temperature of the fluid in the toughened pipeline to the temperature required by the process. The temperature adjustment range depends on the specific electric heating cable and thermostat adjustment.


Electric heating tracing for temperature maintenance uses a heating cable to maintain the temperature of the fluid in the pipe. Compared with the traditional heat tracing method, it saves more than 30% of energy, and is suitable for metal tempering and plastic pipes. It is an ideal industrial antifreeze and thermal insulation product.

The electric heating cable consists of nano-conductive carbon particles, two parallel buses, and an insulating layer. Due to this parallel structure, all self-limiting heating traces can be cut to any length in the field and connected through bidirectional or tridirectional junction boxes. In each tracking line, the number of circuits between the buses changes with the influence of temperature. When the temperature around the tracking line becomes cold, the conductive plastic shrinks, and the carbon particles are connected to form a circuit. The electric current heats the tracking line through these circuits. It can automatically limit the temperature during the heating process and automatically adjust the output power according to the temperature of the heated object without any additional equipment. It can be shortened or extended arbitrarily within a certain length range, and can be overlapped multiple times without worrying about hot spots and burns.

These characteristics make electric heating heat tracing have the advantages of preventing overheating, simple operation and maintenance, and energy saving. It is suitable for the toughened pipes, temperature control, heat tracing, heat preservation and heating of equipment and containers, especially when the materials therein are easily decomposed, deteriorated, crystallized, condensed and frozen. It is widely used in petroleum, chemical, power, metallurgy, light industry, food, refrigeration, construction, gas, agricultural and sideline production, processing and other departments.

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