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Source: Ampang electric heating of: Ampang Electric shares Date: 2019-11-01 Views: 616

Mall floor heating with heating cable

Shopping mall floor heating uses electric heating cable laying solutions. Like other ground heating solutions, the floor heating demand of shopping centers has gradually increased recently. Many shopping malls that focus on user experience have begun to transform floor heating. Electric heating tropical floor heating is used to create Better shopping environment. With the progress of society, there are more and more large shopping malls. The mall may have four or five floors, with a variety of products in it. However, the cold winter weather has reduced people's desire to shop.

Most people choose to enter the interior in a warm and small space, which brings inconvenience and economic loss to the store. At this time, if the electric heating floor heating system is used to make the temperature of the store reach a comfortable temperature, it will not only increase the number of consumers, but also increase the number of customers of the merchant. Already.


So how much do you know about the electric heating cable (self-limiting temperature type) as a floor heating material? The electric heating cable core is a very complex polymer composite material, which is composed of multiple materials and conductive media. After specific chemical changes and physical treatments, the tape core is extruded and the heating elements formed between two parallel lines remain continuous and parallel. During the heating process, the amount of semiconductor channel resistance inside this polymer material has undergone an amazing positive temperature coefficient (referred to as PTC effect for short) change. It has a special molecular memory ability, and this memory reaction is strong.


When the temperature of the ground surface of the shopping center rises, the small molecules of the polymer expand, and the carbon particles gradually separate, which causes the circuit to be interrupted and the resistance to rise. The heating wire automatically reduces the power output. When the ground environment temperature of the shopping center decreases, the spacing between the polymer particles shrinks again, and the carbon particles are connected to form a loop, and the heating power of the heating wire automatically increases. When the ground environment temperature of the shopping center is in a certain stable state, the system will achieve a stable heat output, making its temperature self-limiting. It can control the temperature is not too high or too low, and can automatically adjust, so as to achieve the purpose of safety and reliability.

Shopping center floor heating self-limiting temperature electric heating cable advantages:

1. Long service life, small starting current, good memory performance and low annual attenuation rate;

2. Even temperature rise, no overheating, safe and reliable;

3. Have advanced production equipment, complete testing methods and strict quality assurance system.

4. Save energy and low installation and operation costs;

5. Reasonable price and honest management.

Finally, when choosing the electric heating cable as the floor heating material, we should pay attention to the manufacturer's supporting qualifications and after-sales service, which is an important guarantee.

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