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Source: Ampang electric heating of: Ampang Electric shares Date: 2019-11-11 Views: 788

Water pipe insulation and heat tracing, new favorite for winter pipeline antifreeze

Today, I will introduce the knowledge of the anti-freezing amount of electric heating and tropical insulation in the winter of water pipes that are no longer familiar with. The freezing, cracking, and frosting of water pipes in winter is a common occurrence, which affects our normal lives and is even a safety for fire protection Hidden danger. Whether in the north or south, insulation problems are faced in winter. Every family wants to use hot water at home, whether it is morning and evening laundry, domestic water in the kitchen, toilet bowls and so on. But can it really be done now? The answer is yes, we don't need to wait any longer.


Water pipe without electric heating cable heating system

We use our electric heating cable heating system to feel warm and comfortable anytime, anywhere. In winter, due to the cold weather, household water pipes will freeze, affecting people's normal life. If the water pipe freezes, it will also affect the safety of the water pipe. If the icing is severe, the pipe will freeze and break. The electric heating cable produced by our company does not burn, does not generate exhaust gas, and can be evenly heated. It can also control the temperature according to user needs, thereby saving more funds and resources. The importance of environmental protection is particularly evident and more popular in the market.

In the past, steam tracing has been the main method of thermal insulation. Its working principle is to dissipate heat through the steam tracing pipe to supplement the heat loss of the insulation pipe. Because the heat dissipation of steam is not easy to control, its thermal insulation efficiency is always at a low level.

Today's hot water insulation system focuses on comfort and environmental protection, because our company has independently developed a hot water pipe insulation system suitable for home use. Tap water pipes and heating products are energized to generate heat to compensate for the heat loss of the pipes and keep the hot water at a stable temperature. The intelligent electric heating cable system has the characteristics of low investment cost and economical and practical operation.

The electric heating cable of the water pipe uses electric heat tracing equipment to convert electrical energy into heat energy. Through direct or indirect heat exchange, it supplements the heat lost by the heat tracing equipment through thermal insulation materials, and uses temperature control to track and control the medium in the heat tracing equipment. Temperature to keep it at a reasonable and economic level.

The electric heating cable consists of nano-conductive carbon particles, two parallel buses, and an insulating layer. Due to this parallel structure, all self-limiting heating traces can be cut to any length in the field and connected through bidirectional or tridirectional junction boxes. In each tracking line, the number of circuits between the buses changes with the influence of temperature. When the temperature around the tracking line becomes cold, the conductive plastic shrinks, and the carbon particles are connected to form a circuit. Current flows through these circuits to heat the tracking lines. When the temperature rises, the conductive plastic produces small molecules to expand, and the carbon particles gradually separate, causing the circuit to be interrupted and the resistance to rise. The tracking band will automatically reduce the power output. The invention has advantages that other heat tracing equipment does not have. The temperature it controls will not be too high or too low, because the temperature is adjusted automatically.

In winter, there is a large demand for heat preservation and antifreeze of water pipe

When installing a water pipe electric heating cable, you only need to lay the electric heating cable product on the hot water pipeline of the auxiliary heating equipment of the heating cable to maintain a relatively stable temperature at each point of the pipeline and keep the main branch temperature of the pipeline at Reasonable temperature range. The self-limiting electric heating cable is easy to install and maintain, and is basically maintenance-free after installation. When used, it can run all day, with high degree of automation and low operation and maintenance costs.
Antifreeze, heat insulation and heating cables for water pipes.

In the 1970s, the U.S. energy industry proposed to replace steam tracing with electric heating cables. In the late 1970s and early 1980s, the technology of anti-freezing and heat preservation for water pipes and electrical heating cables has been widely used in many industrial sectors, including the energy industry Instead of steam tracing electric heating tracing technology has developed from the traditional constant power tracing to the self-limiting temperature electric heating cable with conductive plastic as the core. Steel saving: no one-to-one heat tracing pipes required for steam tracing, saving thermal insulation materials: no leakage is good for environmental protection.

Tap water heating products have all-weather protection, but the system must not accumulate rain or snow during the installation process. Under this premise, the system should be easy to maintain, clean and beautiful.

Our company specializes in the research and development, production, sales, installation and service of automatic temperature control of water pipe electric heating cable, explosion-proof electric heating cable, trench snow melting electric heating cable, electric floor heating system and related thermal control products. The company's product quality has been steadily improved and sales The network has been further improved, and the international competitiveness of domestic electric tracing tropical products has been continuously improved. Many families have enjoyed such convenient treatment in our lives. Coal is mainly used for heating in winter. Although the heating effect is very good, the exhaust gas from coal combustion makes us unable to get rid of the influence of the weather, which is very harmful to our environment and health. The company is committed to providing water pipe electric heating cable solutions to meet the needs of consumers nationwide and around the world, so as to achieve a win-win situation between enterprises and users.

The problem of freezing or cracking of water pipes in winter should be taken seriously, and the advantages of the current heating and anti-freezing technology of electric heating cables are completely ahead of steam or electric hot plate heating modes. We look forward to serving you.

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