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Source: Ampang electric heating of: Ampang Electric shares Date: 2019-11-11 Views: 571

Electric heating cable can easily solve the freezing and freezing of pipeline caused by asphalt residue

Introducing the use of electric heating cables to easily solve the freezing and clogging of pipelines caused by asphalt residues. As everyone knows, asphalt is a liquid high-viscosity organic liquid. Composed of hydrocarbons and their non-metallic derivatives. During the processing process, residual oil will be generated, which will accumulate and block the pipeline. In the low temperature in winter, it will freeze and cause the pipeline to be blocked, which causes many manufacturers a headache. At this time, the constant power electric heating cable produced by our company was put into use. The constant power electric heating cable has the characteristics of long service life and stable temperature. It is suitable for pipes over 1000 meters long in this enterprise, and the insulation effect is also obvious.


The constant-power electric heating cable structure has resistance wires connected in parallel. The resistance wires heat the pipes during operation by heating the resistance wires. Asphalt companies suffer heat loss during transportation from the raw material workshop to the residue pipeline. A constant power electric heating cable can be used to maintain the temperature residue required during transportation. The working temperature of the electric heating cable can reach 140 degrees, which can maintain the temperature required by the residue, and can be adjusted and controlled by the temperature controller. According to the cable structure and working principle of the constant power electric heating cable, we can further know the temperature of the constant power heating wire " The maintenance temperature of the “plus” medium must be less than the surface temperature resistance requirements of the cable material. The higher the power, the greater the heating value of the heating wire, but the temperature maintained is often used as the heating temperature of the resistance wire. This has entered a misunderstanding. Therefore, when the temperature tolerance level is given, the higher the power of the rice, the higher the heating value The higher the temperature, the lower the holding temperature of the medium. The smaller the energy of the rice, the lower the calorific value, so the higher the temperature maintained.


Scope of application:

1: Heat tracing and insulation of instrument pipes

2: Prevent surface snow and cold accumulation

3: Trace heating of liquid pipes under strict control of operating temperature

4: Plastic pipe heat tracing

5: Antifreeze insulation at the bottom of LPG or ammonia storage tanks

6: Antifreeze for general pipes

7: Wellhead oil production pipe heating (replacement of water jacket furnace) and water injection well antifreeze

Finally, the insulation and antifreeze system of the electric heating cable of the asphalt residue pipeline should choose a high-quality electric heat tracing factory for construction and installation. Pipeline troubleshooting.

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