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Source: Ampang electric heating of: Ampang Electric shares Date: 2019-11-04 Views: 612

Application of electric heating cable insulation in ship pipeline industry

Today we introduce the application of electric heat tracing to ship pipelines. The weather at sea is usually very changeable. When the ship is immersed in water for a long time, the humidity on the ship is usually relatively high. When the temperature drops sharply in cold weather Some of the pipelines may freeze and affect the work of other related parts of the ship, so they cannot operate normally, which is undoubtedly very deadly and dangerous in the vast and unpredictable ocean. In this case, we recommend the use of electrical heating cables to freeze and insulate pipes on ships.


Electric heating cables are used for freezing and insulation of pipelines, storage tanks, meters and other equipment. It also consists of different components. Each component plays an active role, which enables the electric heating cable to well maintain the temperature required by the equipment. Electric pipe heat tracing, insulated electric heat tracing cable power supply, pipeline anti-freeze electric tracing cable heating, and intelligent electric pipe heat tracing It consists of three parts. Each heat tracing cable unit includes temperature controller, temperature sensor, air switch, heat tracing cable disconnection monitor, working status display, fault buzzer, transformer and other circuits to observe, control and adjust the electric tracing. Hot working condition. In the working state, the temperature sensor is installed on the heated pipe, and the temperature can be measured at any time.

The use of marine electric heating cable is not only convenient and effective, but the self-controlling temperature effect of electric heating cable is very effective whether it is self-limiting temperature or constant power temperature controller for temperature adjustment. It is recommended to use self-controlling electric heating cable. Because the ship's requirements for temperature tracing are not high, it only needs to meet the anti-freezing and anti-condensation. The self-controlling temperature heating cable is more convenient to install and does not require a temperature controller, which is the best choice.

There is no excessive temperature requirement for pipe insulation. As long as it is not frozen, self-limiting temperature tracing and heat insulation can be used. It can change with the change of the site temperature, and it can also change with the change of the temperature of the heat tracing medium. Therefore, when the medium changes, the self-limiting heat tracing also changes, and it will not stop until the heat tracing requirements are met. Installation is also very convenient. It can be cut at will and installed overlapping, which will not cause pipeline overheating and damage.


Electric heat tracing has the characteristics of high temperature, uniform heat tracing, and easy and simple installation. Compared with thermal insulation, the electric energy used has no running, dripping, dripping or leaking, and is environmentally friendly and clean. It can be directly turned on during use. Electric heating cables have been widely used as effective antifreeze solutions for fire protection pipelines. Its working principle is to compensate the heat loss of the tracked pipeline through the indirect or direct heat exchange of the heat emitted by the electric heating belt to meet the requirements of antifreeze and heat insulation, and ensure the normal use of the pipeline in severe winter.

Our company's anti-freezing and heat-preserving electric heating cables for ships are a series of high-performance electric heating products that are produced in strict accordance with standards using advanced equipment and high-quality raw materials. Good effect, high performance, simple installation and maintenance, suitable for all-weather use. As a professional manufacturer of antifreeze and heat preservation electric heat tracing for ships, we use different antifreeze and heat preservation electric heat tracing products according to the temperature requirements of the ship's on-site pipelines.

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