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Source: Ampang electric heating of: Ampang Electric shares Date: 2019-11-06 Views: 661

Self-limiting electric heating cable is the first choice for valve antifreeze insulation

The reason why the self-limiting electric heating and heating cable is the preferred solution for anti-freezing heating of valve devices is because the self-limiting electric heating and heating heating and anti-freezing system has very prominent advantages. Compared with the previous steam or electric heating plate heating mode, it is revolutionary Upgrade, simple installation, use scheme, self-limiting temperature heating cable even without a temperature controller, maintenance is also very worry-free, the valve antifreeze using self-limiting temperature heating cable has become a trend.


Cold winter weather, valve freezing and cracking are common. The valve is used in a fluid control system and is a control component in a fluid delivery system. It has functions such as interception, regulation, diversion, backflow prevention, voltage stabilization, diversion or overflow pressure relief. In order to protect the normal operation of the valve medium transportation, a special valve electric heating cable can be used to prevent freezing and insulation.

This heating cable can automatically limit the temperature during the heating process, and automatically adjust the output power according to the temperature of the object being heated. It does not require any additional equipment, can be arbitrarily shortened or used for extension within a certain length range, and allows multiple overlapping overlaps. Without having to consider high temperature hot spots and combustion. These characteristics make electric heating heat tracing have the advantages of preventing overheating, simple operation and maintenance, and energy saving. It is suitable for temperature control, heat tracing, heat preservation and heating of pipes, equipment and containers, especially when the materials therein are easily decomposed, deteriorated, crystallized, condensed and frozen.


These parts of the valve need to use electric heating cable to prevent freezing

The self-limiting temperature and electric heating cable is not only used in antifreeze heating of valve devices, but has been widely used in various parts of the petroleum, chemical, power, metallurgy, light industry, food, refrigeration, construction, gas, agricultural and sideline production and processing industries.

Because there are many elbows in the valve, it is not suitable for installing a constant power electric heating cable (with a separate heating wire layer), so the self-limiting heating cable is a good choice.

The advantages of the valve device anti-freeze and heat insulation electric heating cable:

◆ According to the actual surface temperature of the tracked equipment, it automatically senses and adjusts the output power to compensate the heat, thereby saving energy consumption;

◆ It can be shortened or extended arbitrarily within a certain length range, and at the same time allows multiple overlaps, without high temperature hot spots and combustion.

◆ Special self-limiting electric heating cable for valve device has fast start, fast temperature rise, uniform heat tracing temperature, safe and reliable, wide application range, long service life, energy saving and environmental protection;

◆ The valve heat insulation electric heat tracing system is simple to install, easy to maintain, operates all day, has a high degree of automation, and has low operation and maintenance costs.


Examples of suitable valves for electric heating cables

The valve device anti-freezing heating heat tracing type electric heat tracing is the use of electric heat tracing equipment to convert electrical energy into heat energy. Through direct or indirect heat exchange, the heat lost by the heat tracing equipment is supplemented by thermal insulation materials. The temperature of the medium in the thermal equipment keeps it at a reasonable and economical level.

In fluid piping systems, valves are the control element. Its main function is to isolate equipment and piping systems, regulate flow rates, prevent backflow, regulate and discharge pressure. Can be used to control the flow of various fluids such as air, water, steam, various corrosive media, mud, oil products, liquid metals, radioactive media. With the arrival of cold winter, the media in the valve pipeline will freeze and condense due to low temperature. . Abandoning the traditional steam tracing will cause uneven heat tracing and environmental pollution. Choose tropical protection measures, and choose self-limiting electric heating and heating system to insulate the area with more valves.

The self-limiting electric heating cable is flat and smooth, and can be well laid on the outer wall of the pipeline. The internal parallel structure can be arbitrarily cut according to needs and can be connected to the junction box without affecting the working performance. After the power is turned on, the electrical energy is converted into thermal energy, and the heat is evenly traced to increase the temperature uniformly. The PTC characteristic of electrical energy is used to keep the temperature within a reasonable range, which is very safe and reliable.

Self-limiting temperature heating cable installation precautions:

1: Avoid strong pressure shock when laying, and evenly wrap it on the water pipe

2: Avoid multiple wrinkles, as wrinkles can cause huge structural changes and unexpected disasters to the belt.

3: Do not place anything prone to electric sparks near you.

4: The electric heating cable has a maximum length limit and other requirements. When using detailed requirements, read them carefully to avoid disasters caused by low-level errors.

5: After a period of use, especially outdoors, a careful investigation should be performed to avoid skin injury accidents.

During the installation of the special self-limiting heating cable for the valve device, the required length of the heating cable should be reserved in strict accordance with the requirements of the design drawing, and the section of the heating cable should be wrapped around the heat-dissipating body and fixed. There should be a meter of electric heating tape at the end and end of the wire, and all heat sinks should have a certain length of electric heating tape in order to be removed, repaired and replaced at any time.


Example of valve insulation and antifreeze for electric heating cable

Finally, when choosing a valve, electric heating and heating system, you should choose a good quality manufacturer rather than a trader, so that you can get a more favorable price, and Anbang, as the chief editing unit of the electric heating industry standard, has a very authoritative Technical installation service support, is your high-quality choice of manufacturers of valve antifreeze insulation electric heating cable.

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