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Source: Anbang electric heat tracing Author: Anbang electric stock date: October 13, 2020 reading times: 101

Electric heating belt manufacturers rank in international and domestic list

Today, I'd like to sort out the common rankings of the electric heat tracing manufacturers for you. The well-known foreign electric heat tracing manufacturers as well as domestic electric heat tracing enterprises are arranged for you. I hope it will be helpful for your choice.

At present, abroad Ranking of electric heating belt manufacturers Regardless of the order, there are mainly Raychem in the United States, heattrace in the United Kingdom, SaiMeng in the United States, and BARTEC in Germany. These enterprises mainly use agent as the main elite mode in China.

The domestic electric heat tracing belt manufacturers rank successively. At present, the development of domestic electric heat tracing belt is relatively mature, so many large-scale electric heat tracing projects choose the products of domestic electric heat tracing manufacturers, and no longer rely on foreign brands. In fact, the domestic electric heat tracing industry is quite competitive. It not only constantly breaks through innovation in technology, but also constantly gets recognition from customers in terms of product quality and engineering quality.

 Manufacturer of electric heating belt

Anbang has more than ten years of experience in the development of electric heating belt industry, and it is an enterprise that can stand the industry scrutiny of electric heating belt manufacturers. The leading author of the industry standard, the status of participating in the compilation, and the large-scale oil, railway, port, airport and other project cases are also the powerful basis for the ranking of electric heating belt brand manufacturers.

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