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Source: Anbang electric heat tracing Author: Anbang electric stock date: July 30, 2020 reading times: 650

What are the influencing factors of the uneven heat tracing of the electric heat tracing belt?

along with Electric heat tracing With the development of the technology, it has been frequently used in the antifreeze treatment and temperature maintenance of various pipeline systems, process equipment, valves and tanks. We all know that the electric heat tracing belt has a great characteristic of uniform heat tracing, but many users have the phenomenon of uneven heating in the process of use. What is the cause? As follows:

 Electric tracing belt of pipeline

1. Problems in the selection of electric heat tracing, improper selection and wrong selection

One of the important criteria for judging whether the type selection is correct is the maximum temperature tolerance value of the outer wall of the pipe being traced. In addition to the determination of the heat tracing temperature, the bearing temperature determines whether the outer wall of the pipeline will be damaged due to high temperature. If the surface temperature of the pipeline equipment is subjected to the critical point, it is easy to have scald "spots".

2. The installation of electric heat tracing is not standard

The winding shall be carried out according to the winding proportion specified in the calculation of electric heat tracing. During the winding installation of electric heat tracing products (such as relatively large pipe diameter and tank installation), the installation spacing between electric heating products shall be evenly laid. For tank heat tracing, generally, two thirds of the tank body shall be installed to meet the heat tracing demand. If it is direct