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Source: Anbang electric heat tracing Author: Anbang electric stock date: September 10, 2020 reading times: 253

AHT armored heating cable (electric tracing belt), high temperature metal heating cable which can be cut arbitrarily

since AHT heating cable After the introduction of (electric heating belt), customers have consulted about the advantages of the new AHT armored heating cable and the differences of experience in product selection of many projects. The new product makes a new model in the field of electric heating belt, which customers are not familiar with. In fact, this product is upgraded and developed due to the needs of customers. You can also call it constant power armor Electric heating belt, this Electric tracing belt It is a new product designed and launched by Anbang recently, which improves the shortage of high-temperature armored heating cable in the market. Today, we will make a simple introduction for you AHT armored heating cable Characteristics and advantages of sorting, hope to be able to provide help for your electric heat tracing project selection.

 AHT armored heating cable electric tracing belt

1 AHT electric tracing belt (heating cable) is a product that can be cut at will

In the product design, AHT armored heating cable is to meet the needs of customers. Arbitrary cutting is conducive to procurement, installation and later maintenance. However, the general self limiting temperature electric tracing belt can not meet this requirement or the temperature can not meet the customer's use demand. The general constant power electric heating cable is lack of mechanical property and ultra-high temperature environmental resistance Cable came into being.

It can arbitrarily cut and select the appropriate length for construction, which avoids many troubles in the installation process. In the process of installation of electric tracing strip, the difference of product length prediction caused by measurement, winding coefficient, partial irregularity of pipeline and limited installation environment is more or less. Once too much surplus length leads to waste or even insufficient length, it is the customer However, AHT armored electric tracing belt has become a new choice in the selection of high temperature electric tracing belt.

2、 Metal sheath, with fire, water, explosion, corrosion and other characteristics

The new AHT armored heating cable adopts metal aluminum sheath. Compared with the traditional non-metallic sheath, it not only has the characteristics of fire prevention, waterproof, explosion-proof and anti-corrosion, but also greatly improves the mechanical and environmental adaptability, and has a wider application range.

3、 Anti moisture mineral material with temperature resistance greater than 1000 ℃ is used as insulation layer

In order to further improve the heat tracing performance of the product, Anbang technical team has carried out a new design on the insulation layer. The anti moisture mineral material with temperature resistance greater than 1000 ℃ is used as the insulation layer to solve the instability of the product insulation layer under the long-term working condition of ultra-high temperature. The AHT type electric tracing belt redefines the applicable scope of the structural material of the armored heating cable.

4、 Explosion proof, suitable for all kinds of explosion-proof places

AHT heating cable is a kind of high-temperature applicable product. Its explosion-proof performance is indispensable. It also benefits from the gain brought by the new structural materials (outer sheath and insulating layer). The AHT heat tracing belt can be cut arbitrarily according to the needs, which is suitable for almost all areas (pipelines, storage tanks, parts) and explosion-proof places that need heating and tracing.

The above is the characteristics and advantages of AHT armored heating cable. For more details about the structure of the product or more information, please click AHT armored heating cable (high temperature arbitrary shear type electric tracing belt) In a word, AHT armored heating cable is a new type of armored constant power high temperature electric tracing belt (can be cut at will). Its applicability is self-evident. If the heat tracing demand of your place is general, you don't need to choose it, but if your place of use is designed with high temperature explosion-proof or installation is difficult and complicated, or has ultra-high temperature heat tracing Demand, then you can consider AHT armored heating cable model, and confirm with us.

AHT armored heating cable (electric tracing belt), high temperature metal heating cable which can be cut arbitrarily